Random History

Converts a URL of an image in the HTML to IMG TAG

There is a Web Site that URL to the outside of the image is written without being linked reduction.
It is too lazy to open it by copy and paste each time the URL in the browser address field when you view the image.
In addition, there is also susceptible to unexpected grotesque images will open on the big screen shock.
It converts the URL to an image that is written in the Web Site to the img tag and then reduced display all of the image.

Target URL

A IMG TAG <img src="" width="78"> has added to the URL written in the input site
(http://findercarphotos.com/converting/56-postto.me-03.html). These pics don't exist in our server(iv0.83net.jp). Please inform server's admin exhibiting a pics of elimination request of a pics.
When You check a checkbox and press , a child porno pics is set as nondisplay.

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